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Lately, there has been a big discussion going on about flat web design. Some think it’s just a trend. Others believe it will change the way we design for the web forever.

We tested the homepages of four different websites with a flat design to find out what people really think! In a visual Usabilla Survey, we asked a mixed group of web professionals for their opinion about flat web design. In total, we gathered 2624 feedback points and 638 notes from 100 professionals. The results are clear. Flat web design is here to stay. (Download the full report as PDF.)

What web professionals think of flat design

We asked 100 web professionals about their thoughts on flat web design. Participants were asked to rate how familiar they are with flat design on a scale from 1(not at ) to 5 (very familiar). On average, our professionals rated themselves with a 3.56 regarding their expertise on flat design. See the charts below for a distribution of their expertise and an overview of their professions.

Overview of the participants’ expertise of flat design and their profession.

Before we take a closer look at some actual designs, here are some key facts that we discovered.

The 5 things that people associate with flat design are:

  • Simple
  • Clean
  • Colorful
  • Modern
  • Boring

We gathered different association and brought them together in the word cloud that you see below:
Word cloud based on what web professionals associate with flat design.

The 5 main advantages of flat design are:

  • Clarity
  • Ease of Use
  • Modern appearance
  • Efficient responsive design
  • Fast load times

The 5 main disadvantages of flat design are:

  • Different from what people are used to
  • Difficult to execute well
  • Unclear what’s clickable
  • Boring design
  • Lack of personality

68% say that flat design is here to stay

We asked participants whether or not they think flat design will still be around in 5 years from now. 68 percent is positive that flat design is not just a trend, but affects how we design for the web in the long term. 27 percent is not sure about the development of flat design. Only 9% is convinced that flat design is just another trend, which will not last.

68% of the web professionals in our survey think that flat design is here to stay.

Taking a closer look at flat design

We asked the following questions about the homepages of: Wistia, Windows Phone, rdio. and LayerVault.

Source: blog.usabilla.com
[PDF Download] Creating Flat Design Websites [PDF] Online
[PDF Download] Creating Flat Design Websites [PDF] Online
Flat Design Parallel Scrolling Website Presentation
Flat Design Parallel Scrolling Website Presentation
flat design websites 2014
flat design websites 2014
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