4 Latest Web Development Tools

Latest Web development tools

imageNapa is the fastest way to get started with Office and SharePoint development. Whether you’re just taking a tour of this lightweight companion to Visual Studio, or would like to start building apps right away – go ahead – Napa is a free app for SharePoint and browser-based. It is available as part of the Office 365 SharePoint Developer site. So you won’t have to install a thing! Your apps can run in the O365 Developer Site, in Office Web Apps, or in the traditional Office rich client applications. Try Napa at

  • Share a project with a friend or the community
  • Publish apps for SharePoint
  • Lots of improvements to the editor – Hit (CTRL+, ) to see the full list of editor shortcuts
  • Greater flexibility in the project folder structure
  • Make a copy of a project in the Cloud
  • Ability to send feedback directly to the Napa team
  • Run apps for Office using a document in the project
  • Faster “Run” performance

Whether you are a novice or expert Office/SharePoint developer, this release is packed with features that will help you focus on solutions, while saving time and reducing errors. Get the latest Office Developer Tools and checkout the new features for yourself!

Apps for Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint Outlook

An app for Office provides new user experiences right from Office by surfacing web technologies and cloud services within Office documents, email messages, meeting requests, and appointments. For more information, see Create apps for Office by using Visual Studio.

  • New project templates
  • New project item templates
  • Apps for PowerPoint
  • Office-enabled apps for SharePoint
  • “Appetize” – Create an app from an existing web project
  • Enhanced App Manifest editor
  • New editor for mail app activation rules
  • New web development features: DOM Explorer (requires IE10), JavaScript console, and JavaScript debugging
  • Straight forward app debugging, directly within Office client applications
  • Easy app packaging for the Office Store or your App Catalog


New in this release, Visual Studio Tools for Office (a.k.a. VSTO add-ins) now have design time and runtime support that target Office 2013 and .NET Framework 4.5. This has been a much-requested feature. We also fixed the top customer reported issues in the VSTO runtime for Office 2013. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!


With this release of Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA), you can now create custom InfoPath forms for Office 2013.

The last preview release added many SharePoint tooling features that help make the SharePoint developer’s job easier and more efficient. Remote SharePoint development and Publishing – no need to install SharePoint locally for app development! Site column template, and Content Type and List Designers transformed a demanding process of developing SharePoint site taxonomy into a walk in park! But we didn’t just stop there. Check out the new features added in this release, and let us know what you think!

Apps for SharePoint

The new SharePoint app model and its alignment with web standards afforded us opportunities to streamline the web and app development experience for the new Office and SharePoint.

”Appetize” an Existing Web Project

Source: blogs.msdn.microsoft.com
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