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There's never been a better time to start a career as a web developer. From startups to Fortune 100 companies, there is a consistent demand for developers who both write high-quality code and experienced problem solvers who can design creative solutions.

What practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the course?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that displays as intended in modern browsers
  • Develop a back-end web application and APIs using a modern programming language and MVC web development framework, such as Rails
  • Develop a dynamic front-end to your application using a modern framework used to create single-page apps, such as Angular or Backbone
  • Consume web APIs from third-party sites like Twitter or Yelp
  • Write secure applications and deploy them to cloud services like Heroku
  • Collaborate within a team using an agile development workflow and widely-accepted collaboration practices using Git

Whom will I be sitting next to in this course?

Our students are engineers, artists, journalists, entrepreneurs, financial analysts, folks just out of college, your new best friend - individuals who are looking to start a new career in web development, and, most importantly, just as motivated and passionate as you are.

What can I expect to accomplish by the end of this course?

By the end of the course, you will have:

  • Completed several individual and group projects, including one primary portfolio project
  • Learned about web development from experienced web developers
  • Networked with some of the best developers, companies, and entrepreneurs in your local community
  • Prepared yourself with the foundational knowledge you need to begin a career of continuous learning

What are my financing options for an immersive program?

Financial hurdles shouldn’t keep you from your goals. That’s why we’re offering a few different financing options, like Earnest, Climb, Affirm, and Pave so you focus on your goals instead of the barriers that keep you from reaching them. Note that you must first be accepted into a GA program before applying for financing.

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Web Development Course
Web Development Course
Web Developer Training
Web Developer Training
PHP Course in coimbatore, Web development Training in
PHP Course in coimbatore, Web development Training in ...
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