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Making websites and web applications accessible means ensuring the maximum number of visitors can view and interact with content and functionality. Many web users have disabilities which means they may not be able to view or interact with content in the same way that non-disabled users do. Websites and web applications should be designed to work across as many platforms and browsers as possible. View our accessible-web-design page.


AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is a method of your local client (browser) communicating to the webserver without the need to reload the whole web page. It is often used for smaller dynamic functions within the page. Google made AJAX popular with Google Suggest – a way of providing search results as you start typing into the search box.


In the Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML) an attribute is a characteristic of a page element. It could be the colour of a font, for example. Attributes come in name-value pairs like name=”value”, colour=”red”.


Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail is a menu navigation method used in user website interfaces. It allows users to keep track of their locations within programs or documents by showing a path related to the Home page or the related parent of their web page or document.

Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a mark-up language. It is most commonly paired with HTML which defines the structure of page or document. CSS allows the separation of content and style. A single, separate style sheet can be applied to many pages creating efficient mark-up. Any number of different style sheets can also be applied to the same page. This is useful if the visitor want to view the content on a different device or browser. This could be a mobile device, audio browser, print page etc.


A Cookie is a simple text file that a browser places on your computer's hard drive on behalf of the website being viewed. The Cookie usually contains information, such as a user or session ID that allows the website to remember who the visitor is across multiple page views or browsing sessions. The most common reasons cookies are placed are to keep a visitor logged in to a website or to remember the contents of a shopping basket. Many of us use an analytics system of some sort, Google Analytics for example uses cookies to track and store anonymous visitor behaviour.

Content management system

A content management system is usually a web based application that allows the creation, publishing or modifying of content from a central interface. It allows technical or non-technical content producers to manage web content, often collaboratively or in a workflow process. At Rouge we use a number of content management systems. We’re expert designers and developers in WordPress and Drupal content management systems.


If a technology, practice or feature is depreciated if usually means that it is no longer current and to be superseded. For example, a number of elements and attributes are deprecated in HTML 4.0, which means that more recent attributes are recommended.


The declaration is an instruction to the web browser about what version of HTML the page is written in. It is (or should be) the first item in an HTML document.

Extensible Markup language

Extensible Markup Language or XML is a language that was designed to describe data rather than display data. It has similarities to HTML but unlike HTML it’s up to you to define your own tags. It’s unusual in that it doesn’t do anything, it’s purely descriptive. I.e.

The Hoarse Whisperer
Susan Socks
Penguin publisher >

File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol or FTP is a method or transferring files to and from a server. Unlike HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) which will just make a server request regardless of whether or not it thinks it can complete the connection, FTP needs to establish a connection and ensure it can deliver or receive ‘packets’ before it begins transferring data.


Headings are structured HTML elements that describe section headings and titles. They are defined with tags that range from

Web Designing Company in Delhi | Website Development
Web Designing Company in Delhi | Website Development ...
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Magento Website Developers Development Company in India ...
Affordable Website Development company based in London, UK.
Affordable Website Development company based in London, UK.
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