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Front End Web development languages

Open a website and make your browser smaller. Did the page content change its layout to fit the new screen? That’s responsive design. People expect modern websites to look great on their phones and on their laptops. By diving into responsive design principles, you’ll learn how to make websites that scale and adjust themselves to offer amazing experiences regardless of the device.

Modern design languages

A design language is a set of principles used to organize and unify the design of a product. Google, for example, recently released the specifications for Material Design, a modern design language for responsive websites and mobile apps. Material Design puts a focus on using layers that look and behave as if they were made with colored construction paper. Following a design language will help you create cohesive, intuitive experiences for your users.


Bootstrap is a good example of this. Frameworks make it easy to structure and build websites. They provide custom CSS classes that ensures that your content looks great no matter the device. Frameworks can help you follow industry best practices and modern design principles. Other frameworks, like Foundation, provide the same kind of structure for your websites.

JavaScript frameworks/templating

You know how your Facebook page has the exact same layout as all of your friends' pages? That's because of templating engines. Templating engines are key for creating dynamic websites based on data that they pull from back-end servers. Understanding how to use a templating engine is the first step in building a web app.

Examples are:

Peripheral skills

With complex projects, how do you maintain your code? Version control software like Git helps software developers around the world save and maintain their code, even as projects grow to hundreds of developers and dozens of subprojects.

Once you’ve made your website, how will you ensure it's fast? By understanding a few simple principles of browser rendering, you'll be able to make sure that you deliver fast, efficient websites to your users.

Getting Started With Front End Web Development Episod 03
Getting Started With Front End Web Development Episod 03 ...
ps_front-end-web-development-get-started : Free Download
ps_front-end-web-development-get-started : Free Download ...
Web application development with no front-end skills
Web application development with no front-end skills ...
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