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coding_illustration_smallerLet’s start with the basics. What does a front-end developer actually do?

The front-end developer’s job is to shape your experience on a website. They do this in a few different ways, including creating the layout of a page like headings and paragraphs, the style of the page like color and font, and the features of the page, like animations.

How do they manage to do all that? Magic, obviously.

Okay, maybe there’s a little bit of magic involved, but mostly it’s courtesy of some handy tools in their repertoire. More on those later.

First of all, if you think you might be interested in working as a front-end developer, you’re probably wondering what a typical day at work would be like. You’ll spend some time talking with the folks in design and your project leader or manager. There’s a good chance you’ll be asked to talk with accounts people to estimate the time it’ll take you to complete a project (so they can figure out how much it’ll cost). But you’ll definitely spend the majority of your time sitting in front of your computer, coding.

I talked with several front-end devs to find out what their workday is like and what they love about their jobs, and this is what they had to say:


+ Magical powers of making words come to life

+ You can be creative and logical at the same time

+ Tons of opportunities for growth & you never stop learning

+ HOT job market


- Not enough women in the field

- It’s annoying to have to support old, outdated browsers (Internet Explorer, we’re looking at you)

- Can be stressful when working to a deadline

Now let’s get down to the important stuff. What is this coding business all about? I’ll be honest—I knew nothing about coding when I started writing this series, so I had to call on a couple of experts to break it down very simply for me.

Front-end developers usually use at least a few programming languages at any given time. Here are the basic ones and a simple explanation of what they do:

HTML: The “structure” of a web page. Defines elements that make the building block of the web.

CSS: The “style” of a web page. Controls how HTML elements are displayed, including their color and font.

Source: blog.aftercollege.com
Front-end Web Developer at GOSS Interactive Limited - HTML5
Front-end Web Developer at GOSS Interactive Limited - HTML5
Front-end Web Development: back-end web development
Front-end Web Development: back-end web development
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