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Sparkle is the web design tool for creating modern sites with unparalleled creative control. Skip the tedium and design a gorgeous site that works right out of the box, with Sparkle.

With Sparkle you…
• Build landing pages in minutes. Test your ideas quickly.
• Focus your efforts on content and information architecture.
• Create full sites without HTML/CSS knowledge.
• Quickly iterate on fully functional page designs.

Designer, developer, or building a site for your business, Sparkle makes sites happen.

• Born on OS X, optimized for Yosemite.
• Familiar content creation interface, a small leap for a designer.
• Quickly create media-rich websites, with images, video, maps, social and more.
• Stunning output quality via web fonts and 2x/3x retina graphics.
• Share your site at any stage of construction thanks to default draft/wireframe look.
• Support mobile devices via specific layouts.
• Clean HTML5 output for maximum browser compatibility.

What users say:

"Sparkle has been awesome. A real godsend. Truly fantastic.”
Sebastiaan de With, Graphic Designer

“When I discovered Sparkle it just blew my mind and I felt like dancing!”
Peter Bladskog, Photographer

"This is probably the first web-design app I've seen that didn't suck”
Visual Idiot, Graphic Designer

"Sparkle is very much what I was looking for the last 10 years”
Daniel Schoeneck, Design Teacher, Bern University of the Arts

What's New in Version 1.2.7

• fixed incorrect drawing of fixed-position images when scrolling
• fixed occasionally incorrect layout for box and image shadows
• fixed incorrect blur of partially transparent images on El Capitan
• fixed crash when picking the current color for a multi-color text selection
• fixed crash when loading some documents
• fixed crash when embedding content containing Flash
• fixed crash when picking a Youtube video on El Capitan

Excellent App and Customer Support
by Mlondon71

This is a great app and will only get better with time as I understand an update is in the works. I found using Sparkle to be relatively easy to use (speaking as a novice) and is very similar to how Pages works and feels. There is also access to their "sparkle cafe" which offered helpful suggestions and free templates for creating a design. I found that extremely helpful. I had difficulty uploading the site to look exactly like the preview on my macbook as some of the files corrupted, but customer support was quick, responsive and the issue was resolved. I am happy I purchased this as my website looks professional and I saved a bunch of $$$ vs hiring a web designer.

Best Website Creation Tool for Designers
by philipamour

I have tried out copious amounts of different tools that make it easy for me - as a Designer that is not into web front-end - to create websites but none of them can top Sparkle. It’s really easy to use, simple - yet powerful, native and feels like a first class citizen on Mac. Keep up the great work.

A great way to update an old site
by .rss.

I cut the Adobe cord a couple of years ago, and I cannot be happier that I found Sparkle. I have been looking and waiting for years for someone to make an approachable application for today’s modern web design. I am in my early thirites, fairly technical, but not entirely up to date with all the new web standards.

I had an older website and it was not designed or optimized for iOS, mobile, or Retina displays. This application allowed me to solve all of that and gave me everything I needed and more. I wanted an application that I could buy, that wouldn’t require monthly/yearly subscriptions, and would allow me control to create layouts and customizations. Sparkle delivers.

The “Fixed to window” for images, and “Stick to top” have allowed me to create some interesting scroll animations that look complex, but are so easy to make.

Source: itunes.apple.com
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