16MAR 2017

The advantages of a leased line

The importance of communication in business is not a secret. The modern world offers us various options to make it easier, including phone connections, ADSL connections and, of course, leased lines. The last one has become the most secure and stable. But what is a leased line and what are the main advantages of it?

A leased line, also known as a private circuit or data line, is a private connection between two or more different locations. Leased lines can be used for various forms of telecommunication, such as data exchange, internet connection, and voice/video calls.

If we compare leased line to ADSL connection, we can clearly see significant advantages of a leased line.

First of all, it is worth to mention that leased lines provide higher speeds. ADSL connection cannot compete with the speeds of leased lines available of 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1000Mbps or even 10,000Mbps.

The second advantage is the speed of leased lines during peak times. For sure, your ADSL connection can provide you a good speed, but when it comes to peak times, the connection becomes much slower. Leased lines do not have such problems and that is why your connection is safer if you use one.

The third advantage of leased lines is the ability to make faster uploads. If you use leased line for business, the ability to make fast uploads provided by symmetric connections is very important.

The fourth advantage of leased lines is reliability. Thanks to a fiber-optic cable which does not suffer from electrical interference, and more expensive hardware, leased lines become more reliable than ADSL connection which uses phone lines.

The last advantage of leased lines is very important for businesses. A leased line has a business-class support, so if you have some troubles with the connection, a support team will resolve them in the shortest period of time. Actually, a company will monitor your connection and will be aware of any problems as soon as they happen. But when it comes to ADSL connection, you cannot know about any problems with the connection before the troubleshooting will begin.

Furthermore, leased line costs are usually not higher than ADSL connection, so you can have a better connection for the best price.

15FEB 2017

Best Apps for your phone

For all those who want to turn their phones into really smart devices, here is a list of top apps. If you want to make your daily life a little bit easier and to forget about some small things that bother you, download an app and it will count, decide, save money and search for the best solutions for you.

1. Albert

This app will take care of your credit cards, will warn you about your bills will look for ways to cut costs, and even will provide you with a saving account. In the modern days, we have a plenty of bills to pay every month, so this app is a real catch!

2. Asana

If you are looking for the best planner ever, try Asana. With lots of new features added in 2016, this app has become the best choice for businessmen. Asana will work better and more carefully than any manager. It is the best solution for all those who are doing task-able work.

3. CinemaBox

Also known as PlayBox HD, this app is considered to be one of the best movie apps. Though, you can also try to install the Showbox app. You will not be able to find this app in your Apple App Store or Google Play Store, but you can easily download it from the official website. The app will provide you the access to a huge media library and will not annoy you with ads.

4. Super Mario Run

If you are one of those gamers who love Mario, you can try this app. The full version will cost you around $10. Still, you can try a few free levels. Just note that it is not a Mario you remember: he will run on his own and you will have to make him jump when needed.

5. TripIt

If you are tired of planning your trips, consider this fantastic app. The app will collect all the data about your flights and reservations automatically through your Gmail account. Furthermore, it will recommend you the best places, local attractions and will suggest some activities. With this app, get ready to have and easy-going trip.

11FEB 2017

The importance of business reviews

Before the access to the internet appeared in nearly every home, business reviews were made by professional reviewers who published their works in official publications. Today business reviews have a great influence on business. With the help of the Internet, any customer has an ability to make it at home. Everyone has a voice and opinion that matters. You have to take these reviews seriously; usually people prefer to learn the information concerning the product and the company who provided it before paying for it. So if the majority of your reviews are negative, you can lose your business in minutes. Here are some reasons why you have to take business reviews seriously.

1. One of the most obvious reasons to mention is that good business reviews attract more customers. Though, the number of reviews plays an important role as well. The more your business has, the more popular it is. You have to understand that businesses that have more reviews are more trusted by the clients. Furthermore, it will be easier for a client to find out everything they need to learn about your business. There are some clients who do not have a clue about your product or service, so the reviews will help them to value its quality.

2. If you want to improve your search ranking, positive reviews will be helpful. For example, if you have a lot of positive reviews on yelp, you have all chances to higher your web ranking. According to MOZ, reviews increase your chances for improved SEO by 10%. Even Google Map begin to use ranking; it helps customers to learn user's feedbacks and make quick decisions.

3. Business reviews make it easier for business owners to get a feedback about the product. It is really helpful because you can learn more about your customers and plan a business strategy in accordance with their needs. Just note that if there are some negative reviews and you have a chance to reply, do not miss it. Communicating with clients is very important if you want your business to be successful. On light-grey.com you can learn more information about the fundamentals of the successful business.

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